ICCCT 2014 abstract submissions as per 2014-05-05

#TitleAuthorsAuthor Affiliations
1Energy Performance of Highly Insulated Canadian Wood-Frame Wall Systems Using VIPMichael Swinton, Wahid Maref, Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya, Rock Glazer and Anil ParekhNational Research Council Canada; Natural Resources Canada
2Renewable Energy Integration in Remote Islanded Microgrids: Strategies and LimitsMarc Mueller-Stoffels and Philip MakerAlaska Center for Energy and Power (United States); PowerWater Corp. (Australia)
3Analysis of air flow through porous panels and its application to weather shielding structuresTaoying Huang, Per-Arne Sundsbø, Mohamad Y. Mustafa, Yizhong Xu and Geanette PolancoNarvik University College (Norway)
4Evaluation of Grid-Interactive Electric Thermal Storage (GETS) Heaters for Islanded Renewable Energy-Diesel Microgrids in Cold RegionsRichard Wies, Nicholas Janssen and Rorik PetersonUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks (United States)
5Numerical modeling of snowdrift development around a porous fenceYizhong Xu, Mohamad Y. Mustafa, Muhammad S. Virk and Geanette PolancoNarvik University College (Norway)
6Application of Microphone Arrays for the Detection of Acoustic Noise in Porous Panel ShieldsQi Gao, Mohamad Y. Mustafa, Qusai Z. Al-Hamdan, Yizhong Xu, Geanette Polanco and Albara MustafaNarvik University College (Norway); Aircraft Engineering, University of the Highlands & Islands, Perth College, Scotland (United Kingdom)
7Icing and performability of Arctic offshore production facilitiesAbbas BarabadiUiT (Norway)
8Artificial Thawing of Seasonally Frozen groundSvein-Erik Sveen and Thanh Nguyen HungNarvik University College (Norway)
9Low Energy Concrete Building - a case studyKim Dahl and Bård ArntsenRamboll (Norway); Norut Narvik (Norway)
10Performance of a low energy concrete houseBård Arntsen and Ove LorentzenNorut Narvik (Norway); DAPA AS (Norway)
11Replacing spacers and lattice girders with CFRPGabriel Sas, Bård Arntsen and Cosmin DaescuNorut Narvik (Norway); Politehnica University of Timisoara (Romania)
12Winter Casting of Power mast Rock FoundationsChris Petrich, Bård Arntsen and Irina SætherNorut Narvik (Norway)
13Preliminary results from 2 years of ice stress measurements in a small reservoirBård Arntsen, Irina Sæther, Chris Petrich, Ronald Andersen, Bjørnar Sand and Lennart FranssonNorut Narvik (Norway); Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (Norway); Luleå University of Technology (Sweden)
14Pre-feasibility investigation on PV/wind hybrid power systems in ScandinaviaYunfei Hu, Juan Cardenas and Hanna PerssonNorut Narvik (Norway)
15Effect of corrugations on flow through porous baffles used as weather shelters on oil and gas platformsGeanette Polanco, Mohamad Y. Mustafa and Yizhong XuNarvik University College (Norway)
16Enhancing competitive competence and sustainability of manufacturers in remote high-north regions of Norway through holistic supply chain network designHao Yu, Wei Deng Solvang and Mohamad Y. MustafaNarvik University College (Norway)
17Design of a field experimental set-up for the investigation of wind shielding performance of porous panel geometriesMohamad Y. Mustafa, Per-Arne Sundsbø, Yizhong Xu and Geanette PolancoNarvik University College (Norway)
18Biofilter Plantation Technology for Oil Spill Clean-up in the Arctic Coastal WatersMasoud Naseri, Abbas Barabadi, Javad Barabady and Grigorii VoskoboynikovUiT (Norway); Murmansk Marine Biological Institute (MMBI) (Russian Federation)
19Studies of oil encapsulation and entrainment in sea iceChris Petrich and Ross WakelinNorut Narvik (Norway)
21Assessment of wind induced hazards on winterized offshore structuresAlbara Mustafa, Wei Solvang, Eric Dykes and Mohamad Y. MustafaNarvik University College (Norway)
22Structure and internal properties of brash ice covered ship channelsVictoria BonathLuleå University of Technology (Sweden)
23Considering regionally specific challenges in the Barents SeaKnut AanelandNorth Energy (Norway)
24Properties of broken ice obtained from collision testsLennart FranssonLuleå University of Technology (Sweden)
25Numerical simulation of level ice loads on Norströmsgrund lighthouseBjørnar Sand and Lennart FranssonNorut Narvik (Norway); Luleå University of Technology (Sweden)
26Numerical simulations of punch shear test on ice rubble using a continuous surface cap modelAniket Patil, Bjørnar Sand and Lennart FranssonNorut Narvik (Norway); Luleå University of Technology (Sweden)
27Ice ridge characteristics by geographic regionDenise Sudom and Garry TimcoNational Research Council Canada
28First-year ice ridge loads at Norströmsgrund lighthouseDenise Sudom, Louis Poirier and Robert FrederkingNational Research Council Canada
29PV system in cold climatesØystein Kleven, Hanna Persson and Dilip ChithambaranadhanNorut Narvik (Norway)
30Smart gas detection and ventilation system for enclosed offshore structuresQusai Al-Hamdan, Mohamad Y. Mustafa, Mohammad Awad and Bjørn Reidar SørensenUniversity of the Highlands & Islands, Perth College (United Kingdom); Narvik University College (Norway); Reliance way establishment (Jordan)
31A study of the changes in freeboard, stability and motion response of ships and semi-submersible platforms due to vessel icingLise Eide Wold and Ove T. GudmestadUniversity of Stavanger (Norway)
32Three years of measurements of sea ice conditions in the Barents Sea and Fram StraitChris Petrich, Bjørnar Sand, Aniket Patil, Rune Nilsen, Tore Pettersen, Victoria Bonath, Knut Espen Solberg, Håvard Nyseth, Arnaud Le Breton, Joachim Amland and Denise SudomNorut Narvik (Norway); Luleå University of Technology (Sweden); DNV GL (Norway); National Research Council Canada
33Networks, Research and Development for Sustainable Vessel Operations in Ice-Covered Waters Based in Northern NorwayChris Petrich and Tor HusjordNorut Narvik (Norway); Maritimt Forum Nord (Norway)
34ColdTech - Sustainable Cold Climate TechnologyChris Petrich, Mohamad Y. Mustafa, Bjørnar Sand, Muhammad S. Virk, Bård Arntsen and Trond NilsenNorut Narvik (Norway); Narvik University College (Norway); Norut Alta (Norway)
35Operational challenges and experiences in the Sub-Arctic regionsStig Karlstad, Trond Nilsen and Ingvild NylundNorthern Research Institute Alta (Norway)
36Wind Turbine’s Operation in High NorthGeanette Polanco, Muhammad Virk and Matthew HomolaAtmospheric Icing Research Team, Narvik University College (Norway); Nordkraft Produksjon (Norway)
37Atmospheric Icing & Sensors- An Overview of Ongoing Research Activities in COLDTECH-RT3 ProjectMuhammad VirkAtmospheric Icing Research Team, Narvik University College (Norway)
38Application of Self & Mutual Capacitance Techniques for Atmospheric Ice Detection & MeasurementsTaimur Rashid, Umair Mughal and Muhammad VirkAtmospheric Icing Research Team, Narvik University College (Norway)
39Physical Techniques for Robust Measurement of Icing ParametersUmair Mughal and Muhammad VirkAtmospheric Icing Research Team, Narvik University College (Norway)
40Design & Manufacturing of Atmospheric Icing Sensor Using a Computer Aided Manufacturing FacilityUzair Mughal, Umair Mughal and Muhammad VirkAtmospheric Icing Research Team, Narvik University College (Norway)
41Intelligent Anti/Deicing System for Structures in Cold RegionsKamran Zaman, Mohamad Y. Mustafa, Umair Mughal and Muhammad VirkAtmospheric Icing Research Team, Narvik University College (Norway)
42Intelligent Heat Energy Distribution System for Enclosed Structures in Cold ClimateKamran Zaman, Mohamad Y. Mustafa, Rajnish K. Calay and Bjørn R. SørensenDepartment of Technology, Narvik University College Norway
43Innovative heating solutions for Arctic climateSteinar OsHeatWork AS (Norway)
44Energy efficient operations in cold climateJoachim Amland, Knut Espen Solberg and Arnaud Le BretonDNV GL (Norway)
45Study of Atmospheric Ice Accretion on Structures Using CFD based Multiphase Numerical ApproachMuhammad Virk, Umair Mughal and Mohamad Y. MustafaNarvik University College (Norway)
46Challenges caused by cold climate when designing, constructing and operating overhead linesSonja Berlijn and Bergit SvenningStatnett (Norway)